Unsolicited Opinion - Top 3 books to help you become a better Autocross Driver

I am a huge fan of becoming better at anything I participate in and we all know , SEAT TIME, is the best way to become a better driver. What if I told you, that you can become a better driver from your couch? Well, I have chosen 3 of my favorite books that will help YOU become a better driver ! These won’t replace seat time but the knowledge gained from here will allow you to take greater advantage of what seat time will give.

#3 How To Autocross - By Andrew Howe . This should probably be the first book you buy, if you are new to autocross. It gives you a general breakdown of all topics related to autocross, from overview of events, basic car classing knowledge to driving the line and car control with some help on car setup if you have adjustable suspension. Excellent entry level book packed with all of the essentials.

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#2 The Paradigm shift driver development series by Adam Brouillard . this series includes Perfect Control, The Perfect Corner and The perfect Corner 2. This series is really what turned the light bulb on. The break down of corners is more in depth than any other books. How to put multiple corners together, which corners and straights are more important than others and why. Perfect Control is great as well because it makes you understand how to control your car. How much can you really push it, how do you know you are pushing too hard or not enough? This book is great for that. And the other two are great for understanding the corners.

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#1 Ultimate Speed Secrets - By Ross Bentley - The classic go to book is Ultimate speed secrets - The Complete Guide To High-Performance And Race Driving. This is a superb mental book. It caters to road course but most of it transfers over to autocross and it will really help you in giving a more in depth view of corners and the multiple phases in which you take a corner. The book is packed with “speed secrets” and they are a great way of quickly pointing out important notes. One thing I like to do is have some of these “speed secrets” written down somewhere so when I am at an event, i can quickly read through them and it will often trigger something in my mind that I can improve upon. This book is the best all around guide, as written in the title !

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Alright, so those are my top 3. Will you be an amazing driver after reading these books? Nope! However, you will now be able to make better use of your seat time. If you understand your lines and your inputs and what you want the car to do, you will become a better driver. You then take this knowledge and you apply it at the events. You ask for help from better drivers and you will be able to understand what they are saying and you will be more comfortable as you gain more seat time. You can also ride with drivers that are not doing as well as you in regards to times.

Disclosure: Some of the links provided are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I may earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

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