Top Tier Gasoline - There is a difference

All gas is the same, right? Of course you know that's incorrect, we all do, but do you know why some gas is better than others? Enter "Top Tier" gasoline, the best of the best , the cream of the crop (E85 joke). I know, it was corny, but I had to. (*E85 is not a Top Tier fuel)

What is Top Tier gas? It's a gasoline that has higher than minimum detergents as required by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).

How did all of this start? In 1995 the EPA set the minimum additive performance standards where many companies dialed back the detergents as much as 50%. This lead to more deposits on valves, fuel injectors and pistons which caused poor performance and potential engine damage. Automakers eventually got together to provide a higher quality fuel to the public to combat the deposits.

Who were the automakers? General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen, Honda, Ford, BMW, Fiat / Chrysler, Navistar, Audi, and Mercedes. They deserve credit !

What we know - Top Tier gasoline is better because it has a higher level of additives / detergents to help keep your engine running. Retailers can choose to become a Top Tier fuel station and you will see the Top Tier logo that looks like a car driven by ram horns.

Is your station a Top Tier station? Look here:

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