Detailing a brand new car

Alright, so you may or may not know that we have a new car on order and it has finally shipped ! The car is a Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE and should arrive in the next week or two. in preparation for this, we have assembled the items to be used when the car first arrives !

Step one will be a basic wash using Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and gloss and a basic 2 bucket wash system.

After allowing to dry, the next step will be to remove the nastiness that comes with a vehicle being shipped on the railways. For this we will use CarPro Iron X to remove all of the iron contaminants. We have been warned of the smell and hopefully it goes away as quick as it comes !

Third step here will be a clay bar. Now, it's said that after the Iron X you really do not need to clay bar. However, a quick clay bar won't hurt anything and will help to get any other contaminants off of the paint. For this, we will use the Chemical Guys "Light" Clay bar kit. The reason for the light kit is that we are hoping the paint is in great condition and will not require any polishing and we don't want an aggressive clay bar that could force us into a correction step.

Ok, the car is all "clean", now lets get it shiny ! Now we will try a product I have not used, but have heard many good things about, Chemical Guys Black Pearl ! From what i have heard, this will give the metallic paint a very nice and deep shine that really POPS in the sunlight !

Final step - It's time to seal it and what better product to do this than with Chemical Guys Jet Seal ?

Alright, so that's it ! Are we detailing professionals ? Absolutely not ! This is the route we have chosen to take, some because we already have the product and others because of the great information others have provided to us. Why not Ceramic coat ? Perhaps that will be a blog for the future ! Feel free to leave your comments here. Look for a video on this after the car actually arrives. Thanks for reading !


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