A Snap-On Tools Secret

Welcome to Coronavirus syndrome, where you have nothing to do but work, eat snacks and read useless crap on the internet. Not today guys, NOT TODAY !!! I have some useful info that I found and had to share. Long story short - Williams screwdriver set for 1/3 the cost of the Snap-On set.

Yeah, I just blew the whole story with the opening paragraph. Who cares, I value your time !

How did I find this? Well, i was in my office doing research. A few clicks after my initial click and I find someone talking about these screwdrivers that are "JUST LIKE SNAP-ON". Pfft, i'm kind of a Snap-On snob and knew this guy was an idiot, so I kept reading...

And today my order arrives. I open the box to get to another box and then open that box to get to a bag and then I rip the bag open like Hulk opens potato chips. Screwdrivers flying everywhere, dog goes running inside screaming... Once I gather all of them up, I realize, these are IDENTICAL to the classic Snap-On screwdrivers I know and love. I scramble to find some old screwdrivers for comparison and by golly gee willickers !!!

Yeah, just look at that handle !!! Oh man ! Hello old friend !

This set is amazing ! I absolutely want a set for work and a set at home. I use Snap-On tools daily and sometimes you just need to sacrifice a tool to get a job done. These would be great for that because you have a quality item that you can abuse and you know it can be replaced at a much less cost than a Snap-On one.

There is a difference in a high quality tool. Even if you are only using the tool here and there, the higher cost of a the better tool will save you in the long run, typically. This is one of things that are too good to be true but so far, appears to be 100% as it appears.

My research has shown that Snap-On tools owns Williams and these are their "industrial" tools. One thing is for certain, i will be looking into more of the Williams brand stuff for my home tool box !

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